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The Ultimate Guide on Cleaning Your New Home Before Moving In

Property Management Connection - Friday, September 10, 2021

A new house presents so many possibilities — bare walls, uncluttered space, and an empty canvas upon which to make yourself a home. Still, before you proceed with the fun parts of moving to the new place, you need to handle the basics: the new-home deep clean.

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Cleaning Your New Home Before Moving In

Giving your new place a deep cleaning before moving in your stuff will get you off to a fantastic start. The house might be dusty and have debris and dirt in unexpected places, and you might even find some things that need to be replaced or repaired. Cleaning the new home will also help you if you suffer from allergies start on the right foot when moving in, and you'll want the complete arsenal of cleaning tips to get the job done perfectly. 

Double-Check the Place

Once you have the keys to the new home, check the place over. Ensure everything that was agreed upon in the sale is still considered for once you're the owner. You'll want to ensure that everything you expected to be there is still in the house and identify the cleaning tasks needed to be done before you can move in.

You should also take a good look around the property once again to ensure that everything looks great. If not, then you may want to add these issues to your to-do list. However, you could reach out to professionals to handle any problems you have around the exterior of your house; for example, hiring gutter cleaners to ensure your gutters are clean can help take at least one of those chores off your shoulders. This service typically costs between $106 and $197, but costs will go up for intensive cleaning projects.

Clean High Before You Clean Low

Dust isn't found only on floors and countertops; ceiling fans, shelving, overhead lighting fixtures, and other furniture and stuff close to the ceiling are just as prone to getting dusty. Still, they tend to be overlooked, although they usually scatter dirt and dust onto the space below. Because cleaning these high-up features will ultimately lead to the lower area getting dirty, starting at the top and working your way down is the best way to go for it.

Ensure you thoroughly disinfect and scrub every inch of your new house before unpacking. This includes cleaning appliances, dusting, scrubbing toilets, changing the toilet seats, washing baseboards and floors, and meticulously cleaning the cabinets and countertops. Besides reducing the germs from the previous owners, a good cleaning will also make the house feel more like home and improve your well-being.

Change the Air Filters

Look for hidden indoor pollutants lurking in the air and take the proper steps to remove them. To reduce indoor pollutants, check your new home's HVAC, exhaust systems, and ventilation; because you cannot be sure when the air filters were last changed, it's best to just start with fresh ones. Mark the date you installed the filters so you can monitor and change them regularly since they can also increase your place's appraisal value if you ever want to sell. Besides, you should keep the windows and doors open for a few minutes to freshen up the air inside and bring in positivity. Letting air in has numerous health benefits, including improved mood, better sleep, and so do many indoor plants like Dracaena, the spider plant, and ficus. Additionally, air purifiers can help keep the air clean throughout your entire home, so install a system to improve the air quality and your overall well-being.

Reduce Allergens

We usually associate allergens with the outdoor environment. Still, while trees, grass, and flower pollen constitute a significant source of allergies for many people, indoor allergens can also play a role. Dust, mildew, mold, and pet dander are some of the most common factors. If you or someone in your home are allergic, there are a few cleaning tips that can help diminish allergens in your new place: ensure you thoroughly vacuum the house instead of sweeping, and do so regularly. Brooms spread dust around rather than removing it, while periodically vacuuming can reduce mites, dust, pet fur, and other allergens.

Keep the Deep-Cleaning Habits

These are just a few easy and budget-friendly options for cleaning your home before the move-in day. By practicing these tips regularly, you can keep your new home tidy, which will help your place be clean and beautiful to live in for years to come.